Move Your Body, Move Your Qi!

You want your body to be strong. You want to have enough energy to carry your groceries, your kids or grand kids without having to catch your breath!

Movement is essential for the qi of your body to circulate smoothly and for you...

Pruning... everything....

Many trees have been pruned in my yard recently to get rid of the dead growth and to make room for other trees that weren't getting enough sun. Within days, the new growth started happening at such a quick pace it was almost shocking! 

Spring cl...

Happy beginnings of the year to you!

I hope that whatever happy and challenging experiences come your way this year, you are able to learn some stuff and be more at peace.

To support you in all the changes you'll be making this year, I wanted to share with you one of my...

Wintertime & the Cold

Hello all!

I know things are starting to get real chilly so hear are some tips to help you during the cold Winter months. 

In Chinese Medicine, we don't recommend eating or drinking cold things and this is especially true in winter. Soups, cooked mea...


"Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy." Lao Tzu


Many of us express frustration with feeling stressed and overtaxed, but many things also need our attention. As adults, we have many responsibilities - our health, families, relationships, money, our home and...

Here's a quick tip for anyone being effected by the continuing intense heat of our extended Summer.  

Getting overheated or burned by the sun does not feel good. Veratrum album (Hylands 30c, available on amazon) works well for heat exhaustion.

Also, an awesome Essential...

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Move Your Body, Move Your Qi!

July 5, 2018

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